Thursday, November 14, 2013

20% Project Reflection

I am learning about lightning for my 20% project.  There is lots of information about lightning which is good for me so I have a lot to learn about my topic.  So far I have a lot of information, but it is kind of random and I need to put it into a presentation.  I think the information I have is interesting and people will enjoy learning about it because common, lightning is a pretty cool natural phenomenon.  The one problem I've been running into is a lot of the same information.  Also I have a Google Doc full of sooo much information but I only have about 2 Prezi slides done.  
I still have to see what information I want in my Prezi.  Then I have to organize it into categories that make sense and set a good order then my Prezi should be finished!  Once my Prezi is finished I have to figure out exactly what i want to say.   

Thursday, October 24, 2013


     Grades.  For some, a sore subject.  For others, a proud topic to converse about.  But all in all, grades are merely numbers.  Grades are there to show how the student is doing in their classes but they grades we have now are also just a shortcut for teachers.  They can easily put in a number grade instead of having specific comments for different skills.  It is easier for teachers and parents to look at the grade quickly to determine how the student is doing.  So they think by seeing that ONE number it shows how the student is doing for every different element in the class?
     Overall, I don't like the current 100 point grading system.  However I think that it is easy to look at, It really isn't very accurate.  They can have much more specific categories for the grades.  With more specific grading specifications, students can most definitely do better in their classes.  
      I do not think the current system accurately represents my learning and knowledge.  This is because I know much more than some of my grades show. On many of my recent tests I haven't gotten my perfect 100% in a while and I think with the standards-based grading would more accurately represent how I am doing because I know the skills, I just normally make silly mistakes.  
     I think that schools could use a combination of the 100 point grading system and the standards-based grading.  You can see you number grade still just like we're used to but you can also see how you did on an assignment specifically all at the same time.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The new school year has arrived and I am now as busy as ever.  So far, my year in 8th grade has been pretty good.  I am on a team with many people I didn't know so I've met new people but there are also people I am very close with on my team.  I decided to do school soccer in addition to travel so I am now very busy.  Recently I starting campaigning for class council and won class secretary.  I am very excited for the rest of the year and soon I'll be off to high school... 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Giver

In my opinion I believe Jonas lives on, however many people may say all the facts line up to prove Jonas has died.  This is partially just a gut feeling I have to make my statement but the book also said "Jonas felt himself  losing consciousness" if somebody from the house found Jonas in time, he and Gabriel would be saved.  Also, when the Giver goes "elsewhere" the community receives the memories, this was never said to happen which is the main reason I think Jonas is still alive.  The ending did frustrate me though because I like straight forward endings. 

I've read quite a few articles on the ending of The Giver and in most she has said simply "I left the ending up to the reader" However she does mention a book The Messenger in which she says Jonas is featured, grown up.  She also said the she liked the ambiguity of the ending of The Giver but that was of course effected by the announcement of the sequel.  On top of that Lois gave hints in the interviews that Gabriel and Jonas are still living. 

Sorry I'm just posting this now, I thought I did last week but I guess it never went through.

Friday, January 11, 2013

20% Project

I want to learn about astronomy because I think the idea of everything beyond the earth amazing an it leaves me speechless. This topic is huge so I'll probably settle for a more specific topic while going through this process but that isn't necessarily what I want to do, I really want to learn about the topic as a whole and get a good understanding of it however if I do come across something that really sparks my interest, I'll devote my time to that.

-All I will need is a computer for research!
-I think unreliable or old data may be a problem I'll run into.
-Honestly I don't know anyone too knowledgeable on this topic. That also may be a roadblock...

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

During the past several weeks in ROGATE we've been learning about teen culture.  I had an easy time understanding this topic being a teen myself.  The unit involves things like music, TV shows, movies, celebrities, etc.  Before really researching the topic asking me whether advertising reflects or influences teen culture I'd be pretty unsure but now if you ask me, I'd have a better idea. I'd say a little bit of both but I think advertising mostly reflects teen culture. My reasoning for this is that a trend has to start somewhere and with out the media, it wouldn't take off (or at least take of as quickly. It could take years and years for it to catch on) but with advertisements everywhere, people are sure to find out and quickly, at that.

The first article I read was a pretty general overview of teen culture.  Some things it mentions is natural changes because clearly they exist as time goes on but it also mentions non-natural changes meaning the changes that is caused by the pressure and things you see (TV, advertisements, social networking, etc.).  Also  when ever you see something new and exciting out on the market, you feel the need to buy it.  Many people do this when they see advertisments for new clothing brands, gadgets or makeup.

The next article was my favorite. It focused in on girls and wanting and needing to be perfect. It also talked about eating disorders and gave many facts and statistics for example today's fashion models weigh 23% less than the average female.  This really shows people that being that thin is unrealistic.  There are too many girls today that ignore the risk of eating disorders just to look "good".

In times like today, it's hard to 'stay true to yourself' because society as a whole has a definition of perfection. Every girl looks at that and thinks "I have to be like her" but really, being different and unique makes you who you are and you shouldn't change that.

Monday, January 7, 2013

2012 Reflection

Well... this year I've learned a lot.  Academically, about life, people, and most importantly, myself.  I've gone through a few unwanted situations that pain me to think about, that I shouldn't have had to face at this point in my life.  I've gotten into trouble, been very upset and extremely annoyed but I've also gone through some of the best of times, made new friendships and met many people I now can't live without.

I actually don't like New Year's resolutions.  Personally I forget what I'm trying to do or get sick of trying to complete the resolution for the whole year and wind up dropping it.  Towards the end of 2012 I began setting some short-and even some long term goals.  I think I'll do that this year to because I was able to get a lot more done by setting a few goals instead of just one.

Just a few thoughts...