Thursday, October 24, 2013


     Grades.  For some, a sore subject.  For others, a proud topic to converse about.  But all in all, grades are merely numbers.  Grades are there to show how the student is doing in their classes but they grades we have now are also just a shortcut for teachers.  They can easily put in a number grade instead of having specific comments for different skills.  It is easier for teachers and parents to look at the grade quickly to determine how the student is doing.  So they think by seeing that ONE number it shows how the student is doing for every different element in the class?
     Overall, I don't like the current 100 point grading system.  However I think that it is easy to look at, It really isn't very accurate.  They can have much more specific categories for the grades.  With more specific grading specifications, students can most definitely do better in their classes.  
      I do not think the current system accurately represents my learning and knowledge.  This is because I know much more than some of my grades show. On many of my recent tests I haven't gotten my perfect 100% in a while and I think with the standards-based grading would more accurately represent how I am doing because I know the skills, I just normally make silly mistakes.  
     I think that schools could use a combination of the 100 point grading system and the standards-based grading.  You can see you number grade still just like we're used to but you can also see how you did on an assignment specifically all at the same time.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The new school year has arrived and I am now as busy as ever.  So far, my year in 8th grade has been pretty good.  I am on a team with many people I didn't know so I've met new people but there are also people I am very close with on my team.  I decided to do school soccer in addition to travel so I am now very busy.  Recently I starting campaigning for class council and won class secretary.  I am very excited for the rest of the year and soon I'll be off to high school...