Sunday, March 30, 2014

Passion Project Update

I began researching paranormal activity but for the next two weeks I wasn't looking forward to working on my passion project so I decided to change my idea.... surprise, Ms. Mystrena! I've been working on a project on nerves for about 3 weeks. I chose this to continue my project because I want to be a doctor and this is part of the medical field that interests me. So I am sort of 2 weeks behind and that is one of my set backs. I have to work even harder to catch up but overall I think I will be fine because we have about 7 classes left. I took a different approach to my presentation this time which is helping me. Last time I set up a Google Doc and typed up all my information and then I categorized my information into my Prezi... that was not a good idea. I am now titling my slides first and then I am researching for the specific slide. It's working much better. One other thing is I need to practice so I know my information like the back of my hand. In my last presentation I wasn't confident that I knew my content well enough.

So with 7 classes left I think I will have more than enough time to get everything finished and polished!

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